Bin picking

Principle & objectives


The principle of bin picking



A crucial manufacturing function, bin picking has become faster and more reliable through optical part recognition.


With each cycle, the robot locates and picks the parts quickly and accurately, whether they are heavy, hot, fragile or a complex shape.


This system guarantees a sustained and constant production rate, avoiding excess packaging costs.



Bin picking objectives


Develop a range of 2D AMS bin picking solutions.


2D: Pick up and place the part on a linear or circular conveyor belt before feeding the workstation for the operation process.





An entity, a brand


 upick2 UPick rouge 

Technical information


6-axis robot or SCARA6-axis robot or SCARA
Pick/place rate for parts: Up to 50 picks/min

Unit operation in 3X8 H

Product shape:
any shape from 0 to 100 grams

Solution volume :
1000l X 1000L

Programming for new product lines :
Complete autonomy for the customer

Autonomy : Depending on the product
Price of base unit : From €75 K